MIES & the inheritance of modernism

Bauhaus, Barcelona Chair, Less is more. Ludwig Mies van der Rohe (Aachen 1886 - Chicago 1969) helped redefine the skylines of Berlin, Chicago and New York with groundbreaking architecture, as well as numerous iconic items of furniture. His principles: open plans, fluid spaces and cantilevered support structures. His objects he created out of an artisanal love for materials (in particular, steel and stone).

‘Mies’ still enjoys currency today. His rational and universal ideas continue to inspire the architects of the present. His buildings however, are falling into a state of disrepair or are in need of redevelopment. The preservation and redevelopment of this heritage - within the right context and in the right fashion - is crucial for urban regions. Urban developers everywhere are asking themselves: what should be preserved, how and why?

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