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Aad de Haas - Like a scarab on a tabletop

SCHUNCK Glass Palace
(Aad de Haas room, ground floor)

28-06-2019 t/m 29-03-2020

Entree: gratis

Category: Visual arts

Audience: Adults

From the 1940s until his early death in 1972, artist Aad de Haas worked on a quirky and diverse oeuvre consisting of paintings, drawings and graphics. During the exhibition "Aad de Haas - Like a scarab on a tabletop", SCHUNCK - in the new Aad de Haas room to be opened - provides an overview of his work on the basis of various collection works. While looking, visitors are introduced to the different styles, techniques and themes of this special artist.

If you look at the early work of Aad de Haas, you will find yourself in a wonderful, fairy-tale world full of fuzzy painted figures and objects. He was sometimes asked whether his work would not come too far from reality in this way. “I am just like a scarab on a table top, which he does not know, but which he does not fall off because he has such fine feelers. Don’t worry about me. It is no different. You only have to do it”, was the answer. Stubborn as Aad was, he only put on canvas or paper what he himself found interesting, in a way and in a technique that he thought best suited what he wanted to portray. This applies not only to the works of art from the early period, but also to the regularly changing style of work that followed until his premature death in 1972.

New exhibition room

In the new Aad de Haas room (to be opened), SCHUNCK shows you successive style periods in Aad’s work. Based on various collection works, the early work is discussed, followed by his expressionist period and his work from the 1960s, and ending with works of art from his last period, in which all previous styles seem to come together as it were. While looking, the visitor is introduced to the various techniques and themes in his work, such as power and powerlessness, religion and sexuality.

Aad de Haas

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