depARTment STORE - 75 years of visual art in Heerlen

SCHUNCK Glass Palace
(Museum (-1))

13-10-2019 t/m 15-03-2020

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Category: Visual arts

Audience: Adults

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During the depARTment STORE exhibition, the old function of SCHUNCK as a department store is combined with the special collection.

This collection exhibition shows a cross section of the 75 years of art collecting. The exhibition is divided into four themes around art-historical genres and shows ensembles of works of art, purchased since the 1950s. 

Referring to the history of the Glass Palace as a former department store, a series of “multiples” is being sold. These were specially made for SCHUNCK by a selection of collection-artists and are produced in an edition of 25 pieces, one of which is added to the collection.

As part of the exhibition, Christie van der Haak transforms SCHUNCK’s outdoor display case into a visually overwhelming installation consisting of van der Haak’s characteristic brightly colored patterns, paintings and tapestries.

Thepresentation takes place in a store concept in which the visitor can not only look but can also buy specially made multiples (works of art in limited edition) for this occasion. SCHUNCK works with an interior designer for exhibition design Maurice Mentjens.

participating artists

With works of (among others): Karel Appel, Armando, Maria Barnas, Eugene Brands, Hadassah Emmerich, Romy Finke, Daan van Golden, Christie van der Haak, Aad de Haas, JCJ Vanderheyden, Ger Lataster, Lotte van Lieshout, Rik Meijers, Tanja Ritterbex, Clary Stolte, Johan Tahon, Ina van Zyl.


Especially for SCHUNCK, 10 collection artists produced a multiple – special work in circulation of 25 pieces – which is sold in the concept store of depARTment STORE. One copy of each multiple is included in the SCHUNCK committee, the remaining 24 are offered for sale. Click on the brochure on the left to view these multiples.

Participating artists:
Maria Barnas;
Romy Finke;
Christie van der Haak;
Thomas Raat;
Tanja Ritterbex;
Marjolein Rothman;
Charlotte Schleiffert;
Clary Stolte;
Han Schuil;
Marjolein Rothman;
Esther Tielemans.


depARTment STORE – 75 years of visual art in Heerlen will open on October 12th at 5 p.m. 2019 together with the exhibitions Christie van der Haak – Knisper knasper knoesper, George Korsmit – Homage to the Soul and You are here – the history of the Glass Palace.

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