Mural: George Korsmit - Homage to the Soul

SCHUNCK Glass Palace
(Stairwell (5 floors))

13-10-2019 t/m 02-08-2020

Entree: gratis

Category: Visual arts

Audience: Adults

In 2019, SCHUNCK once again invites an artist from the municipal collection to take care of the mural in the stairwell of the Glass Palace.

Detail Mural Homage to the Soul - George Korsmi.t Foto: PH.GJ.vanROOIJ

For the Homage to the Soul exhibition, George Korsmit created eight murals on SCHUNCK’s internal staircase. Coincidence and chance play an important role in his works. The colours and shapes from which the paintings are made, are often the result of someone other than the artist throwing a dice and choosing the colours at complete random. Korsmit then works out the results of this into images which retain a relationship with the individual who helped create the work. The outcome is never predictable and is devoid of figuration. Korsmit describes this process as ‘ritualised coincidence’. Increasingly, he works in collaboration with others and limits his own role to that of intermediary and producer. He merely decides on the steps and rules that lead to the creation of a work. His contact with the other person and the location where the work is created always influence its execution.

The SCHUNCK staircase displays a juxtaposition of new and existing works by Korsmit. Homage to the Soul presents murals which were previously created on location in Amsterdam, Seoul, New York, Peekskill, Jixiang and elsewhere and which have been now assembled here for the first time. For Homage to the Soul (Dom Hans van der Laan), a work created in 2019, Korsmit stayed at the St Benedictusberg Abbey in Lemiers (Limburg) to determine the grid and colours in a meditation room at the monastery itself.

This timelaps is the making of the mural on the second floor of the stairwell: Nobody’s Out There. 2007–2019. 608 × 312 cm. Acryl / acrylic. 223 colors were chosen blindly by assistants from a stock of 1114 Pantone colors. Dimensions of the grid were determined by the artist using dice. A first version of Nobody’s Out There was performed in W139 in Amsterdam in 2008.

Murals in the SCHUNCK staircase

Murals appeal to a broad audience across the world. In Heerlen, murals are granted a special place and this is no less the case in SCHUNCK Museum. Since 2012, various artists whose work is held in SCHUNCK’s collection – Hadassah Emmerich, Troy Lovegates, Jan van der Ploeg, Wafae Ahalouch El Keriasti, Roland Schimmel, Femmy Otten, George Korsmit, and, from August 2020, Gijs Frieling – have all had murals on display in the Glaspaleis. Spread over the five floors on the internal staircase, these works represent ‘interventions’ in the architecture of the Glaspaleis. SCHUNCK receives financial support from the Mondriaan Fonds for the realisation of the murals and for their acquisition in the collection.  On temporary display, but for ever present in the collection in Heerlen.

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