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A survey on high altitude mental architecture

Nomadic Mountains


Since the beginning, humanity has sought solace in wild and desolate places. In a natural world which has been all but tamed by man, the Refuge is all that remains of this. Artist and guest curator Jean Bernard Koeman (1964) , in collaboration with SCHUNCK* and the Dutch Mountain Film Festival , has put together a dazzling exhibition, the central focus of which is the Refuge, a place of sanctuary in the wilderness. The Refuge is a structure, a shelter or a place where one can hide away. A documentary investigation into architecture above the 1848-metre line engages in a dialogue with works of art exploring mental spaces of at least the same height.

The exhibition is a curiously layered configuration of visual art and architecture and text documents. A number of side events (including films) and a Robert Smithson walk are also being organised. Nomadic Mountains shows the contemporary development of the mountain hut, where humans set the world in motion on foot. It also examines the mental condition of the artist and the museum inside; “altitude poetics and building in the silence”. Can an art museum also be a Refuge?

Works by: Armin Linke, Bastien Gachet, Bram Kinsbergen, Curdin Tones, Daniel V. Keller, Danila Tkachenko, Francesco Mattuzzi, Frank Koolen & Lieven Segers, Frank Mandersloot, Geert Goiris, Hans Schabus, Irene Kopelman, Karin Bos, Kelly Schacht, Lotte Geeven, Louis De Cordier, Marien Schouten, Matthew C. Wilson, Miek Zwamborn & Rutger Emmelkamp, Nico Dockx, Philip Metten, Pieterjan Ginckels, Rob Voerman, Roy Villevoye, Rudy J. Luijters, Rufina Wu & Stefan Canham, Sebastian Diaz Moralez, Stefaan Dheedene, Stefan Peters, Stian Ådlandsvik,  Wim Wauman.


Museum (-1) / € 6.
‘Shop window’ (0) & outdoors / Free admission.

Side events

The complete peripheral program including walks and silence places is published in the Nomadic Mountains Map (Dutch only):
Download the card card I, edition jul-okt
Upcoming: edition okt-dec

Below a selection of the program components:

  • Sunday guided tours through the exhibition
    Every last Sunday of the month, a free guided tour in Dutch, of the exhibition takes place at 1:00 PM. You only pay for the regular entrance to the museum (children free). For the tour you can report at the desk in the central hall.
    Dates: 29-07 / 26-08 / 30-09 / 28-10 / 25-11 
    SCHUNCK TALK#3  literally and figuratively takes SILENCE as a starting point. What does it mean to withdraw from society? And why do we all together crave moments of ‘good food’? Where is the point where silence makes us crazy? Panel: Jean Bernard Koeman (artist, guest curator Nomadic Mountains) / Marianne van der Steen (professional mountaineer) / Jan Hendrik Bakker (philosopher).
  • Films
    During the 8th edition of the Dutch Mountain Film festival Heerlen/Aken you will see mountains everywhere in beautiful films and documentaries. On 6 and 7 November Jean Bernard Koeman selects two dazzeling films. View the program via via 

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