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Punk + Dans + Kunst

SCHUNCK Glass Palace
(Museum (-1))

28-01-2018 t/m 13-05-2018

Entree: €6,00


Guest curator and choreographer Karin Post will present a contemporary collage consisting of movement, image, and sound.

Punk, dance and art. Over thirty years after the provocative cult classic Hail the New Puritan by video artist Charles Atlas and top dancer-cum-choreographer Michael Clark, this dynamic triangle has once again been put in the spotlight.

This docufantasy is a fictitious portrait of a day in the life of Scottish dancer Michael Clark in the decadent post-punk London of the 1980s. Its message was to give a resounding NO to the established order and to having to keep in step with everyone else.

In the exhibition we see the subversive creativity and the physical, ironic language used in Hail reflected in the work of contemporaries of Clark and Atlas’s day, as well as among modern-day artists active in visual art and dance, music and
pop culture, with their rebellious expressions. Some of the angry movements are timeless.

Guest curator and choreographer Karin Post has put together, exclusively for SCHUNCK and schrit_tmacher festival, a modern-day collage of movement, image and sound, which traces the influence of punk sub-culture and its ‘angry
movements’ in dance and visual art.


Je bent van harte welkom op zaterdag 27 januari 2018 om 17:00 uur. Deze middag worden meerdere tentoonstellingen feestelijk geopend.

2 exhibitions

Gelijktijdig aan Punk Dans Kunst wordt in het SCHUNCK Museum de tentoonstelling Mies van der Rohe Award getoond. Uw entreeticket van € 6,00 is geldig voor een bezoek aan beide tentoonstellingen.

Programme: Beginning

Andrea Božic & Julia Willms. Performance between drawing, walking, action painting and ritualistic dancing.
14.03.2018 / 19:30 en 21:00 uur / SCHUNCK Glaspaleis, Dance hall (-1) / € 7,50 incl. museum admission / Tickets via www.plt.nl

This exhibition and performance came about with the collaboration and part of schrit_tmacher festival. Made possible through the support of Fonds Podiumkunsten, Provincie Limburg and Gemeente Heerlen.

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