Rooftops offer more potential than simple protection against the natural elements. Architects, artists and inhabitants all over the world confirm it based on user-friendly, innovative, climate-oriented designs or use of rooftops. Get inspired!


Together with you, SCHUNCK wants to transform the rooftops of Heerlen into cultural, recreational and even food-producing locations. Together, we want to turn the characteristic flat, grey rooftops of the city centre into a green and vibrant stage with a focus on sustainability and the climate. With gardens, various recreational facilities, cultural events, and urban farming. The rooftops that characterise Heerlen’s urban character harbour great potential. There is something magical about urban roof terraces. Whether it is a warm summer’s evening, or a cold winter’s day, the terrace lifts you above the urban jungle. This new altitude offers the opportunity to leave the urban landscape behind; to explore the environment or to simply relax. With these qualities, access to the rooftops provides a great opportunity to realise meeting spots, numerous recreational opportunities and cultural programmes. It also offers new opportunities to develop initiatives not expected in the city, such as growing vegetables and harvesting honey.

Rooftop Heerlen is not a one-time festival or initiative; it is a multi-year process. SCHUNCK is not the ‘owner’ of Rooftop Heerlen, but plays the part of initiator, coordinator and connector. In early 2018, a start was made with detailing the idea and researching the feasibility of various plans. 2019 was spent on an international ideas competition for which 53 agencies from 12 countries submitted their ideas. In 2022, the first Heerlen Rooftop Festival will take place.

For now, Rooftop is still a dream. Help us achieve our goal: transforming grey, flat rooftops into a fabulous green and sustainable rooftop landscape!


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