Vision & key areas of interest

At SCHUNCK Architecture our priority is to connect. We do this by organising national and international exhibitions and holding thought-provoking meetings and events in Heerlen.

There is a particular focus on the architecture of the 20th and 21st century, with the emphasis is on artistic and cultural aspects, the avant-garde and modernism, which – as many people know – led to the construction of the Glaspaleis. Key words are development, innovation and aesthetic idealism.

We examine the inspiring diversity that exists within contemporary architecture through exhibitions and small-scale installations. Other activities include presentations and debates, guided tours, publications and architecture awards, symposiums and excursions.

The Architecture section at SCHUNCK presents itself to the outside world as a (Eu)regional centre of expertise for everything in the field of architecture, urban planning, design and interior. Here you can find a large and professional range of services; comprehensive, qualitative, and innovative, but also critical and accessible to everyone.

In addition to Heerlen, Parkstad, Zuid-Limburg and the Meuse-Rhine Euregion, SCHUNCK activities also have a national and international focus.

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