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    Are you a lover of architecture, art, language & literature and music and dance? Would you like to do your bit for culture in Parkstad Limburg and have your say in the activities of SCHUNCK? If so, why not join the Vrienden van SCHUNCK.

    The aim of Vrienden van SCHUNCK is to promote an interest in all the art forms to which SCHUNCK as a cultural centre is dedicated and to bring about cross-fertilisation between them. The new society wishes to take advantage of its synergy, avoid fragmentation and build a bridge between the local community, both young and old, in Parkstad Limburg and SCHUNCK. Members are ambassadors for SCHUNCK, they give advice – solicited and unsolicited – and organise all sorts of activities such as presentations, guided tours, excursions and symposiums.

    Are you going to join the Vrienden van SCHUNCK?

    Vrienden van SCHUNCK not only contribute to 20,000 cubic metres of culture, they also receive all kinds of discounts.

    Here are just some of the advantages:

    • an active Vrienden van SCHUNCK programme with priority or exclusivity for members.
    • 50% discount on the SCHUNCK museum
    • 30% discount on SCHUNCK activities
    • 20% discount on SCHUNCK catalogues
    • special deals for interesting SCHUNCK activities and/or other cultural institutions.

    Subscriptions for 2017 are broken down as follows:
    You can provide support in one or more of these areas: Architecture, Visual art, Language & Literature and Music & Dance

    • Support to one of these art forms costs €25
    • Support to two art forms costs €40
    • Support to three or all four art forms costs €50

    If you want to join Vrienden van SCHUNCK or have any questions, send an email to  ertn55[at]
    If you join after 1 July, you only need pay half the subscription for the year.


    For the programme of events organised by friends, go to VRIENDEN >>

    What the Vrienden van SCHUNCK organise

    Each art form has its own events committee, which is chosen by the members of that art form. They put together and organise a programme of events. For events where there is a maximum number of participants, members of that art form will have priority. What’s more, they usually get a discount on the admission price.

    The aim is to organise around ten activities per art form every year. In addition, we are always on the look-out for interesting activities for SCHUNCK and other institutions, for which we apply special deals for members. We will notify you of these events in good time throughout the year. This means you’re always one of the first to hear about the latest cultural developments in the region.

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