SCHUNCK Glaspaleis facilities

SCHUNCK serves up a cocktail of cultural events and activities, all under one roof in the very heart of Heerlen. The main site, the Glaspaleis in the city centre, houses a library, a school of music, a centre for architecture, a brasserie, a restaurant with a panoramic rooftop view, and various exhibition rooms and galleries.

WiFi and Internet

Computers, available for use by the general public in the foyer and on Levels +1 and + 2, have an online internet connection. If you wish to use one of these computers you can purchase an access code at one of the payment terminals in the normal fashion. Library members can use the facilities free-of-charge for one hour every day.

Free WiFi
Free WiFi is available throughout the building. This means that visitors have free wireless access to the internet. There are two public networks: HotSpot SCHUNCK and Eduroam.

How to get online:
1. Turn the WiFi function on your laptop, tablet of smartphone on.
2. Select the (SSID) HotSpot SCHUNCK network. You will be directed to the portal. After you register you will have direct access to the internet. / If you are a student and you wish to contact your place of study directly, you should select the (SSID) Eduroam network. You will be directed to the portal.


Workstations and study areas

SCHUNCK Glaspaleis has a large number of workstations where you can study quietly. Ideal if you’re looking for a place to work away from the home or office in an inspirational setting with internet, books and magazines all on hand. Many of these workspaces have wall sockets close by. In addition, we have a number of Apple and PC workstations (Level +2) with (paid) internet access and print facilities.

Conference and events rooms

If you have a business and you want to welcome clients in congenial surroundings, we offer conference rooms, with varying degrees of audio-visual equipment (e.g. overhead projectors, laptops, flip-charts, etc.), for hire.

How about organising a staff get-together in an inspirational setting?
Our film theatre is an ideal location for presentations. With an auditorium-style seating layout, the theatre has space for 90 people and is equipped with all the necessary technical gear. Next door is a reception area where you can mingle with others over a drink afterwards.

Additional catering can be arranged if required. Feel free to ask for the options.

Contact Brasserie Mijn Streek to see what the possibilities are by calling +31 (0)45 – 577 22 88 or sending an email to [email protected].

Other information

  • Photocopier (Level +2)
  • Automated book return (Level 0)
  • Slide, playhouse and interactive screens in the children’s book section (Level +1)

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