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Located in Heerlen’s historic Glaspaleis, SCHUNCK Museum offers a rich diversity of exhibitions, presentations, debates and special projects. Our activities rest on three cornerstones: modern and contemporary visual art; architecture; and the SCHUNCK Collection of modern and contemporary art. The result is a programme of activities and events which are as diverse as they are thought-provoking: a place to seek inspiration and stimulation through innovation, experimentation and imagination.

First and foremost our focus is on interaction with our urban environment. This is rooted in the art and architecture of the 21st century, and the cultural legacy which helped shape the Glaspaleis as we know it today: an embodiment of the modernism and avant-garde that flourished here during the glory years of Dutch coalmining. The SCHUNCK Collection, formerly housed in the municipal gallery (Stadsgalerij Heerlen) occupies a central place. The collection, the result of 70 years of uninterrupted acquisition, is a reflection of our cultural heritage, not just the Heerlen region, but beyond. We are delighted to be able to share it with you.

Download the SCHUNCK Museum program 2020 / jul-dec here. 

The museum: inside and outside

The museum is accommodated on Level -1 of the Glaspaleis. This gallery is home to many major thematic exhibitions and presentations based on the SCHUNCK collection. Nearby, in the SCHUNCK Glaspaleis itself, in various places and on different levels, there is always something for the visitor to see or to do. Temporary installations are a feature of the 30-metre-long ‘store window’ at the front of the Glaspaleis. Presentations are commonly on display on the balcony in the main foyer and on the first floor of the building. Murals created by contemporary artists frequently adorn the stairwell of the Glaspaleis.

The SCHUNCK Collection is housed permanently in the Aad de Haas gallery on Level +4 of the Glaspaleis and also in Heerlen’s town hall. We endeavour not only to open up our collection to the public, but also to nurture an appreciation for the modernist heritage of our city. Activities and events put on by the SCHUNCK MUSEUM are therefore not just limited to the white cube. We investigate opportunities for including activities and events in the city and the wider (cross-border) region in our programme. To this end, we promote visual art and architectural projects in public spaces.

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Looking for a friendly museum to visit with the kids on a rainy Sunday afternoon? Why not try the Glaspaleis in Heerlen – we promise you won’t go home disappointed! The museum welcomes children and wheelchair users. A visit can be combined with lunch or a light meal at Brasserie Mijn Streek (rooftop patio) or Bagels and Beans (bar overlooking Pancratiusplein).

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