The SCHUNCK Collection

SCHUNCK possesses an outstanding collection of Modern and Contemporary Dutch paintings.

SCHUNCK Collection

The collection kept by the SCHUNCK Museum in Heerlen consists of modern and contemporary Dutch paintings; the works of Aad de Haas; and crossovers, for example, with music, literature, the performing arts and new fields outside the world of culture. The collection is on permanent display in the Aad de Haas gallery on Level 4 of the Glaspaleis and in Heerlen’s town hall. The SCHUNCK Museum regularly puts on thematic exhibitions revolving around its collection. We also aim to make our collection of modern and contemporary art more accessible though community-based projects and collaborations both inside and outside the cultural sector.

Innovative and contemporary

The SCHUNCK Collection, previously known as the municipal collection, is the oldest collection of contemporary art in Limburg. ‘Innovation’ has been a recurring theme of the collection since it was first established in the 1950s and ever since, the city has been busy accruing a diverse selection of contemporary works. In artistic terms, the collection can best be described as a journey from abstract expressionism of the CoBrA period and the ‘Amsterdam-based Limburgers’, to artists who address the ‘condition urbaine’, and who roll back the frontiers of art and painting in terms of its medium and territory.

The 1950s to the present day

The basis for the collection is formed by works of the post-war artists, such as ‘Amsterdam-based Limburgers’ like Ger Lataster, Lei Molin, Jef Diederen and Pieter Defesche. The collection was augmented in the 1970s by the works of famous Dutch painters, such as Lucebert, Constant and Kees van Bohemen. The works of Aad de Haas, the Rotterdam-born painter and graphic artist who lost his heart to the region, were added later. The accent has shifted in recent years to include crossovers in art, culture and society so that the collection now offers a home to the changing trends within artistic practice.

3 collections in one

To reflect these changing accents, the collection can be sub-divided into 3 constituent parts: a collection of modern and contemporary Dutch paintings; the works of Aad de Haas; and our new crossover collection (with crossovers, for example, involving music, literature, the performing arts and new fields outside the world of culture).

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Conservation and loans

SCHUNCK Museum is responsible for the custodianship and conservation of the collections. The museum is tasked with registering and documenting the collections and making it available to the general public through its online collection. Amongst its professional responsibilities is research into its own collections. It is more than happy to accept loan requests from other museums and institutions and pursues a highly flexible loan policy which enables its collections to reach a wider audience in the Netherlands and also further afield. SCHUNCK also enters into collaborative projects with other museums, civil-society organisations and the business community. Where possible and if relevant, SCHUNCK will also affiliate to organisations concerned with custodianship and conservation.

Acquisition of works for the SCHUNCK collection is made possible with the financial support of the Municipality of Heerlen and the Mondriaan Fonds.

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