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At SCHUNCK, we place visual art at the heart of the community. In addition to genre-related exhibitions and retrospectives, we put the concept of the ‘museum as a place for ideas’ centre stage. We address pressing social issues of the day and aspire to artistic innovation through thematic exhibitions, debates and public events. We also produce publications about current affairs in the world of art and in our city. We do this together with artists and creators both from the Euregion and the international scene, as well as from our own region of Zuid-Limburg. We give additional priority to projects in Heerlen.

Our dual focus of artistic innovation and social engagement is directly related to our role as guardian of the SCHUNCK Collection, formerly known as the municipal art collection in Heerlen. It is the oldest collection of contemporary art in Limburg. It is innovative, enterprising and groundbreaking – which could also be a description of Heerlen itself. Since the establishment of the collection in the 1950s, there has been an uninterrupted focus on current developments and new talent. SCHUNCK continues to build on this tradition, keeping one eye firmly fixed on social trends of the present and as keeper of our future heritage.

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