Aad de Haas Collection

In the years following the Second World War, the idiosyncratic painter and graphic artist Aad de Haas (b. 1920 Rotterdam – d. Schaesberg 1972) played a unique role in the artistic climate of Limburg.

He rejected the in-vogue developments of the time and continued working in the figurative, expressionist tradition. In 1994 and 1995, the Stadsgalerij acquired a significant part of his artistic legacy. This helped lay the foundations for a permanent collection of De Haas’ work within the museum’s overall inventory. The De Haas collection contains more than 300 itemised works (paintings, drawings, monotypes and graphics) and provides a fascinating window on his vision on the social issues of the day, such as religion, eroticism and power.

Part of Limburgse Modernen collection

The Aad de Haas collection was originally set up to serve as a representative overview of his oeuvre and in its current form it is more or less complete. Now, because of its completeness, the focus has shifted to research on the collection and opening it up to a wider audience. However, the museum is always on the look-out for other works to add to the De Haas collection, in particular, his early work or his outstanding works from later periods. In turn, this collection forms part of a wider collection of 20th century works by Limburg-based artists (Limburgse Modernen), which has been put together in collaboration with other museums in the province.

See also www.aaddehaas.nl and our online collection of Aad de Haas’ work.


Aad de Haas - 100th anniversary

To honor the artist, SCHUNCK Museum in Heerlen, Limburgs Museum in VenloMuseum van Bommel van Dam in Venlo and Chabot Museum in Rotterdam are organizing a relay of exhibitions and programming to illuminate Aad de Haas and his work from different perspectives. Check the programme at: https://schunck.nl/en/aad-de-haas-100th-anniversary/

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Image captions:
Aad de Haas, ‘Naaktje’, 1945, oil painting on board, 9×18 cm, SCHUNCK Collection
Gallery overview Aad de Haas – Graphics, 2014

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