SCHUNCK is a multidisciplinary cultural meeting place that combines an architectural institute, a collection of modern and contemporary art, a presentations section, a public library and a school of music and dance. All of this is housed in the Glaspaleis, which is a national listed building built in Modernist style by architect Frits Peutz, and at four other locations in Heerlen.


The local and region traditions are reflected in interdisciplinary presentations of architecture, dance, design, fashion, literature, music and visual art, which bring together the region and the wider world. Check out the presentations in our calendar

SCHUNCK Architecture

Based in the Glaspaleis, the SCHUNCK institute of architecture is helping to improve the urban fabric of the (Eu)region through the organisation of presentations, publications, debates, workshops and awards, which all have the singular aim of instilling an appreciation of architecture amongst the widest possible audience. In addition, together with Rijckheyt, a centre for regional history, SCHUNCK documents the architectural legacy of the region in word, image and sound, and stores this in archives that can be accessed by the general public. The architecture library at SCHUNCK is integrated with that of Rijckheyt. Read more

SCHUNCK Collection of visual art

SCHUNCK houses a collection of modern Dutch paintings which includes important works by the CoBrA group, the Amsterdam-based Limburgers and work of ground-breaking artists, emerging talent and pioneers of post-war art. In addition, SCHUNCK is the custodian of a collection comprising around 300 works of the painter Aad de Haas (b. 1920 Rotterdam – d. Schaesberg 1972). The collection can be found in the Aad de Haas gallery on Level +4 and takes the form of changing exhibitions. Admission to this is free.


SCHUNCK is recognised as a leading museum for contemporary art with two of its own collections. The spacious museum gallery is on Level -1 of the Glaspaleis, but SCHUNCK regularly organises presentations and exhibitions on all five floors of the building – neither does the stairwell get overlooked. Read more

SCHUNCK Education

In recent years, cultural institutions have been placing cultural education centre stage, as a way of facilitating groups who would not otherwise have easy access to museums to get a hands-on acquaintance with art. SCHUNCK has developed a tried and trusted method of working together with primary and secondary schools and, in each of its presentations, organises a diverse educational programme for a wide audience. Read more


SCHUNCK is a public lending library based at four locations: Heerlen city centre, Heerlerheide, Heerlerbaan and Hoensbroek. The library is at the heart of the community, has adopted forward-thinking methods of tackling literacy levels in Heerlen and the region, holds courses and workshops on media literacy and of course, has a comprehensive collection of books which can be borrowed via any of the branches and, SCHUNCK’s very own digital lending library for schools. Read more

SCHUNCK Music and Dance

The School of Music and Dance at SCHUNCK organises lessons and courses for all kinds of genres, instruments and styles, and for all age categories. Active in schools and community life, SCHUNCK’s School of Music and Dance is the beating heart of musical education in Heerlen. Read more about music and more about dance.

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