Mission and vision


SCHUNCK wishes to be and remain the central meeting place for knowledge and culture in
Heerlen. To do this, we offer products and services in the field of art, culture, creativity, education, information and heritage. We do this operating as one organisation, for a wider public and with a diverse, but interrelated programme of events and activities. In the 2017-2020 policy period, our aim is to reach out to, inspire and support as many people as possible and to participate as fully as possible in the community. In short: SCHUNCK: knowledge and culture, inspiration and development.


SCHUNCK’s strength lies in its multidisciplinary character and the manner in which it is able to connect: between art forms such as art, music, dance, literature and architecture;. between inspiration, information, beauty, imagination and a sense of being at home; between the past, the present and the future and the interpretation of these which are expressed in opinions and beliefs; and between people here and outside the city, in the Euregion and in the Netherlands.

Through a diverse and thought-provoking programme of events and activities in the field of art, culture and education, SCHUNCK contributes not only to increased participation on the part of the community, but also to a greater understanding of current issues, the connection with the past and the revelation of the future. This ambition is both local and (inter)national.


Read more? Check out our Long-term Policy Plan for 2017-2020 (in Dutch)

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