SCHUNCK Boeken Bibliotheek Collectie


Our collection contains books in a large diversity of languages, f.e. German, Ukrain, Italian, Spanish and of course English. Some you will find in our shelves. Others can be ordered by our members through our Dutch Library network.  


Our shelves hold a small collection novels and crime in English. And recently, in accordance with the abundant interest for young adult books, SCHUNCK library enriched its collection with the latest TIKTOK titles. Books like Heartstopper or It starts with us, you can find  on the 3rd floor,  in English and/or in Dutch. Interested in Manga? Same floor, same shelves.

Come by and give it a try. Or  maybe you even have a title for us to order? Tell us, we can give it a go!

to Learn Dutch

Also, we have many books helping you to learn the Dutch language. And did you know we offer language courses too? 

Online databases

  • Members of our libary automatically are given access to the Onlinebibliotheek: a online database of thousants of audiobooks and e-books in many different languages. 
  • As a partner of the Royal Dutch Library, our members have acces to many on- and offline databases of (scientific) Journals, Newspapers, Audio, Music, Video and more. 

Young adults (YA)

SCHUNCK Library is working on a growing collection of YA books! Now you can really lose yourself in your favorite and trending books that are about young people AND written especially for young people. We connect with the book tips that are trending on Bookstagram & #BookTok. From historical novels to thrillers and fantasy. Great reading!


  • We recently added a collection of Ukrainian childern's books.
  • Like to read or listen to some children's books online? The readingcorner has books in Dutch, English, Moroccan, Syrian, Turkish and Polish!