David Bade Meets Mondriaan

David Bade meets Mondriaan GGZ

Foto: Dani Silvia

A public art-studio in a mental health care location in Heerlen – Artist David Bade draws attention to the ‘week van de Psychiatrie’ ('week of Psychiatry'). 


Mondriaan GGz, John F. Kennedylaan 301, Heerlen

From March 14 to 25, artist David Bade holds a public studio in the visitors’ restaurant of mental health care organization Mondriaan at John F. Kennedylaan 301 in Heerlen. Inspired by the special encounters and stories that Bade hopes to find at this location, he will work publicly on new work for SCHUNCK's art collection in Heerlen.

come and see

Visitors are welcome at the John F. Kennedylaan 301 in Heerlen. During this period, the progress of the work can be admired daily from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The location is easily accessible by public transport and there is ample parking space on site. Bade will be working during weekdays untill March 25th.

On March 25th the unveiling of the work wil take place at 3 PM. You are most welcom to attend. 

David Bade tekent Heerlen onder de tafel

The public studio is part of the lifelong collaboration between SCHUNCK Museum and David Bade. This means that during his life, Bade regularly returns to Heerlen to record residents of Heerlen in constantly changing settings and surroundings. These works will be added to the municipal collection managed by SCHUNCK. This creates an image archive that records Heerlen's dna. By purchasing David Bade's work, SCHUNCK is stepping outside the walls of the museum and entering into a long-term dialogue with the city and its inhabitants.

The week of Psychiatry

The Week of Psychiatry is dedicated to all people (with or without a psychiatric background) who are committed to improve the position and life of people with mental and psychiatric problems. During this week extra attention is paid to making mental health care more humane; breaking through isolation, improving living conditions, the relationship between psychiatry and society, financial position, information facilities and offering more options. (Source: https://weekvandepsychiatrie.nl/)