Ararat Su Tomesen

DMFF / Ararat

As part of the Dutch Mountain Film Festival (DMFF) 2021, SCHUNCK and DMFF present Ararat. Ararat is a video installation about the presence of Mount Ararat in the Armenian capital Yerevan. Depending on the weather conditions, the mountain can either be seen clearly, or rather poorly. In the video, this fact is reinforced as the mountain disappears and reappears at the pace of one breath. 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis

Tomesen filmed images for Ararat in 2007 during a study trip of the Rietveld Academy to Azerbaijan, Northern Iran and Armenia. In 2021 she produced Ararat for the Dutch Mountain Film Festival.

The theme of the DMFF this year is Freedom to roam. This theme applies to the work Ararat: the holy mountain is visible to Armenians, but not accessible, since Mount Ararat is located in the Kars province of present-day Turkey, formerly Western Armenia. The border between Armenia and Turkey is closed. Therefore, the mountain is painfully present in Yerevan.

Su Tomesen

Su Tomesen (Beek, 1970) is a Dutch video artist, photographer and installation artist. She graduated from the Fine Arts program at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2007.