Lizzie Veldkamp Bij Schunck Museum

Dreaming out loud: Lizzie Veldkamp

7 April - 2 June 2024

Lizzie Veldkamp, momentopnames, atelier 2024

'Dreaming Out Loud' is a series that focuses on young designers and artists who hardly have a stage yet in Limburg and the Euregion. This spring it is Lizzie Veldkamp's turn.


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Artist Lizzie Veldkamp has a penchant for construction sites and the effects of urban transition. According to her, change causes us to look at the environment in a different way. When a building is demolished or something in public space breaks down and is repaired, traces are left behind. Those traces create layers in the world around us. For the artist, this stratification provides objects and buildings with their own identity. Veldkamp shows her ongoing research into construction sites and transitions in public space in a new series of works at SCHUNCK.

Lizzie Veldkamp Bij Schunck Museum

Lizzie Veldkamp, momentopnames, atelier 2024

Dreaming out loud at SCHUNCK

'Dreaming Out Loud' puts young architects and visual artists from Limburg and the Euregion in the spotlight. Two or three times a year, a student or graduate talent from the discipline of architecture or visual arts from the Euregion is invited to put together a cabinet presentation and present themselves to the public.