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Film screenings Coalmining women - A documentary by Elizabeth Barret

During interviews at their homes and workplaces, women miners in the US tell why they work in a traditionally male-dominated industry. They recount the difficulties they faced once they started working. 


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Images of these women while at work leave no doubt that they would be suitable for this work, indeed they give a new perspective to the problems all miners faced. 'Coalmining women' shows their specific contribution to the challenges of being miners some time ago. This documentary is a special document for anyone interested in the history of women, women in non-traditional roles and women as a driving force of social change in today's society.

The film will be screened on 2 July, 6 August and 27 August at 1:00 p.m. The documentary lasts 45 minutes and is free to watch, please do register in advance (full = full).


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