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Frictions festival

13 June 2024

Hence The Bravery bij Frictions The Recap

It's time for another edition of Frictions Festival! On June 13, SCHUNCK Museum invites you to join a celebration of art and community.


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis


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Frictions #6: Collecting Friends

The programme is a fusion of two special groups of friends: on the one hand, we welcome our old friends from ‘PAND, a chameleon-like non-profit organisation that inspires young people from our region and brings out their creativity. On the other hand, we bring from SCHUNCK a programme of performances and the opening of two new exhibitions.

‘PAND/ brings its friends

The programme of ‘PAND is curated by Jop Delheij and produced by Jonathan Widdershoven. With support from SCHUNCK, they present:

  • The interactive performance Harvest Table by Pleun Moons, with (you guessed it!) real harvest.
  • The performance The Ladder by Ahmad Mallah and Rebecca Lillich/Krüger.
  • Airbag by Joep Caenen, an immersive installation artwork in the hall of the Glass Palace.
  • An improvisation set with music by Kim David Bots, using samples and clarinet.
  • A video work by Louisa Vergozisi and a projection with photographs by Moos Peters.

SCHUNCK/ brings her friends

  • SCHUNCK collection artist and friend Fiona Lutjenhuis, known for her beautiful paintings in the staircase of the Glass Palace, brings us a surprising performance. 
  • We open the new collection exhibition: Entrer, curated by the Friends of SCHUNCK in the Aad de Haas room. 
  • Also opening the new exhibition: SeX WAR MOTHeR, curated by our friends from Driver's Seat, the youth group of SCHUNCK. You can find it in Heerlen's town hall, at walking distance from the Glass Palace. 
  • Last but not least: The Minister of Ceramic Affairs Koos Buster, is coming to make friends in Heerlen. He is working on a series of ceramic plates about our city for the SCHUNCK collection and is coming for inspiration. Write in his proverbial book of friends and help Koos Buster create his artwork!

So, gather (your) friends, friendzone the rest and bring them on June 13 to SCHUNCK Glaspaleis.


This event is part of ELEMENTS. Read more about this collaboration and the program here.

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Watch the aftermovie of Frictions - the recap here:

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