SCHUNCK Bongerd (1-6-1935). Opening van het Glaspaleis van de firma Schunck

Lecture Werner Mantz and Peutz

© Werner Mantz / Nederlands Fotomuseum

This lecture is a preview of the exhibition of Werner Mantz, The Perfect Eye, in the Bonnefanten at the end of September and the monograph with the same name which gives an overview of the work of Werner Mantz (1901-1983). 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis


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Werner Mantz left behind a multifaceted oeuvre in which he acquired great international fame with his architectural photography from the 1920s and 1930s. Mantz succeeded in capturing the spirit of contemporary architecture in a photographic manner, making him an inspiring example for contemporary architectural photography.

The lecture will focus in particular on his photographic work for the Heerlen architect Frits Peutz, who was an important client and for whom iconic photographs were made. The current practice of urban development in Heerlen will also be discussed, as well as the importance of gaining insight into it and documenting it for a wider audience.