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Mike Moonen / Schwellmann Ambiance

Visual artist Mike Moonen uses some out-of-the-ordinary tools to create a distraction. His work ranges from installations to collages with drawings, photos, animations, images, music and magazines. He can work with any space or object: for example, a stuffed foal, a bouncy castle for a bucking bronco or an extensive collection of lighters. Mike likes to get cracking straightaway! 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis

Iconic symbols from pop or street culture and common-or-garden objects frequently appear in his collages and installations. He collects, shoves and pushes, and moves until it scrapes and squirms. In the process, Mike plumbs the deepest corners of his mind to let you experience the front side, upside-down.

Mike presents his installation, SCHWELLMANN AMBIANCE, in SCHUNCK’s store window. With kitchens, water fountains and household appliances. Plus a pregnant hamster. For the duration of the presentation, Mike will be preparing meals from the cookbook he created with the band LosDQ.

Mike Moonen

Mike Moonen (Heerlen, 1990) graduated in 2014 from the Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht. In 2017, he won the Hermine van Bers Beeldende Kunstprijs and received the Stipendium forEmerging Artists from the Mondriaan Fonds. His work has been displayed in several solo and group exhibitions.

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