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Nancy Nijsten's selection at the art depot

26 April to 8 September 2024

Nancy Nijsten makes a selection from our collection on behalf of support group 'Een hart voor een ander' from Heerlen. 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis


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About her choice from the collection, Nancy says the following: 
"It's something outside my comfort zone because I don't really know that much about art, but I really enjoyed experiencing it for once. The painting that attracted me the most and really stuck with me was a large canvas by artist David Bade. It is colourful and gives a bit of an eighties feel. Unfortunately, at 260 x 350 cm, it was too big to fit in the Art Depot. The second work that really appealed to me did show up in my exhibition: the painting Big O by Andrei Roiter. It immediately made me think of a mine shaft. I would hang this painting in my living room myself. I chose the other works on display here by feel."

SCHUNCK Keuze van Nancy Nijsten 2024 1

Andrei Roiter, Big O, 2007, olieverf en acrylverf op doek, 140 x 160 cm, collectie SCHUNCK, gemeente Heerlen.

The 'Een hart voor een ander' team is committed to fighting poverty in Heerlerheide, a neighbourhood in Heerlen-North. Every week, they distribute food parcels to 105 families in need, thanks to donations from supermarket Plus in Heerlerheide, the fruit and vegetable market in Eygelshoven and anonymous sponsors. They also organise the monthly event KOFFIETIJD, to fight loneliness. Nancy is extremely proud of the team, which consists of nine members and nine helping hands, because she could not do this beautiful work alone.

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Support group 'Een hart voor een ander'

On behalf of 'Een hart voor een ander', Nijsten was last year nominated for the Hub Cobben Prize, which is awarded annually to individuals or organisations committed to social struggle and justice. She is currently competing for the Ab Harrewijn Prize.

Want to know more and/or donate? Then email 'Een hart voor een ander' at