Nils Nova / Reflections

Artist Erich Weiss and Nils Nova present their work simultaneously. This results in an extraordinary installation 'Reflections' by Nils Nova in the showcase and an experimental performance by Erich Weiss. The showcase of SCHUNCK will be transformed into a real palace of mirrors, which seems to repeat the existing facade and interior to infinity. 

Erich Weiss & The Playground Project from Berlin present the happening to the visual movement poem 'Hunger For Life' in the Central Hall of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis on 10 March 2016. Hunger For Life is an interactive and interdisciplinary (dance) performance resulting from the collaboration of visual artists, dancers, musicians and filmmakers. The performance is complemented by a workshop 'vogueing' and an exhibition.

The performance is made possible by Schrit_tmacher Festival

Exhibition Reflections

The performance and workshop are accompanied by the exhibition 'Reflections' in the Vitrine (0) of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis/ The exhibition is designed by Nils Nova and builds on Allan Kaprow's groundbreaking interactive environment. It combines dance and improvisation with realities of historical avant-gardes.

Nils Nova Reflections SCHUNCK museum.png

Nils Nova

The visual work of the Swiss artist Nils Nova has recently been characterised by an obsessive analysis of the possibilities of 'Trompe-Lóeuil', de-duplication and perception. His impressive installations dissect the possibilities of existing spaces and architecture.

Reflections is realised with the support of Pro Helvetica.

Push and Pull

This initiative is part of Push and Pull. With Push and Pull SCHUNCK launches a new series of exhibitions that focus on the interaction between public and contemporary art.