Plp 2022 Morena Bamberger Schunck

Parkstad Limburg Prize in Reverse

Led by programme maker Wouter Greven, we will engage with the first winner of the Parkstad Limburg Prize, Paul Devens, from Belgian Limburg, Caroline Coolen and recent winner Sanne Vaassen at this Parkstad Limburg Prize in Reverse. 


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The Parkstad Limburg Prize has been awarded since 1996. It is an art prize for young Limburg artists (up to 35 years old) from Belgian and Dutch Limburg. The prize builds a bridge between young artists, the business community, the government, the spectator and the public. But it is also an initiative to give young artists a helping hand for their future development.

Meanwhile, anno 2022, we have already reached the seventh edition. A good time to look back at the time when they won the prize together with some of the winners. Besides the obligatory question "What went through your mind when you won the prize?", we will also talk about what the prize has meant for the further development of young artists. We will look at the past, present and future.