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Quinn Zeljak / Click Here!

The leitmotif in Quinn Zeljak’s work is her investigation into feelings of alienation: between ourselves and our bodies, and ourselves and the world around us. 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis

Zeljak sees herself as a ‘creator of collages’, working with both paper and yarns. At SCHUNCK, she depicts ephemeral spam ads and click bait on internet which have been worked into traditionally handmade, crocheted clothing and wall hangings.

In-your-face texts, like ‘hot singles in your area’ and ‘6 ways lemons can help clean your armpits! I would have never believed number 2!’ stand in stark contrast to the crafted manner in which Zeljak has processed these internet ads into crocheted art objects in lively colours. In this Zeljak is adding a tactile layer to the impersonal and intrusive spam texts. In Dreaming out Loud she exhibits a selection of textile works shown earlier this year at the graduation presentation of Maastricht’s art academy.


Quinn Zeljak, 8 Signs Your Liver Is In Danger 2021. Photo: Christy Westhovens

Dreaming Out Loud

Dreaming Out Loud showcases the work of a number of architects and visual artists from Limburg and the Euregion. Every two years, a talented final-year or recently graduated student from the region is invited to fashion together a cabinet presentation and put this on show to the general public.

Quinn Zeljak

Quinn Zeljak (Venlo, 1988) graduated in 2020 from the Maastricht Institute of Arts and this year is exhibiting her final year work from 202021, an exhibition at which students graduating in both 2020 and 2021 – as a result of coronavirus measures – jointly displayed their work.