SCHUNCK Muurschildering Roland Schimmel 1b

Roland Schimmel / Jumpin' Jack Flash

Credits: Fabian de Kloe

In 2016, SCHUNCK asked artist Roland Schimmel (1954) to create the annually changing mural in the staircase of the Glaspaleis. 

Jumpin' Jack Flash (2016)

SCHUNCK acquired a work by Schimmel in 2002 and has continued to follow his artistic development ever since. His paintings, installations and videos play on the visual sense and the restless mobility of perception: afterimages and multicoloured halos included. Schimmel's approach shows kinship with the investigative, scientific approach from physics, neurology and astronomy. In 2015, Schimmel received the Academy Prize for Astronomy and Art from the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences (KNAW) with his work Black Sun.

SCHUNCK Muurschildering Roland Schimmel 1

Credits: Fabian de Kloe

New mural

The artist produces extensive murals in the five-storey staircase of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. The movement of visitors through the staircase enhances the illusionary effects. Compared to Op-Art's effects, Schimmel's work is more subtle but also harder. His work arises from a Taoist vision of life; the guiding principle is the balance of the individual with his environment. Schimmel's new mural is created as part of Push and Pull #12: SPIELEREI - Art to play with. SPIELEREI opens simultaneously with Jumpin' Jack Flash (2016) at SCHUNCK Glaspaleis.