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TALK&WALK @ Greylight Projects

Talk & Walk is a series of encounters with the artists who work at Greylight Projects in Heerlen. During these sessions, the artists speak about their work and their specific project in Heerlen. 


Schaesbergerweg 58, 6415 AJ Heerlen


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Greylight Projects is the platform for art and culture in Heerlen. Several times a year, the organisation invites artists from the region and beyond to live and work in Heerlen for a short period. The programme put on by Greylight Projects both explores and responds to happenings in Heerlen and the region. Greylight Projects does this using the online tool #mappingheerlen which not only enables artists to capture places which are in some way unusual and arouse the imagination, but also pinpoints locations where artistic projects in the city and the region are on display.

There are currently three guest artists working in studios located in former school premises on Schaesbergerweg: Darcy Neven from Valkenburg; Luca Soudant from Maastricht; and Claude Horstmann from Stuttgart (D).

Keith Haring

The Talk Walk sessions all have some connection with the current exhibition taking place at SCHUNCK - Keith Haring: Grace House Mural. Haring's modus operandi of working in public spaces or responding to his surroundings ties in with the vision of Greylight Projects and #mappingheerlen. As an extension of this, current attitudes to the city and the region are explored.

Claude Horstmann

Horstmann lives and works in Stuttgart and Marseilles. She has degrees in art history from the University of Osnabrück (MA) and fine arts from the State Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart. Claude Horstmann has been awarded several bursaries and residences in Germany and elsewhere, including from the Baden-Württemberg ministry of science, education and art, the city of Marseilles and the city of Strasbourg. Her most recent solo exhibitions took place at the Laura Mars Gallery (Berlin), the Goethe-Institut (Lyon) and the Centre International de Poésie (Marseilles). She has also taken part in a number of group exhibitions, for example, in Stuttgart, Berlin, Saint-Étienne and Marseilles.

Horstmann’s work - drawings, sculptures, text, performance and photography - is often based on a miscellany of materials, above all inspired by urban contexts. The artist also deals with these themes via performative presentations and workshops. She writes: “Sign, layer, gesture, print, notation, superposition: we leave our mark behind. In a way, you could say that ‘everything is marked’. […] We cannot avoid leaving traces. Everything is marked – and this transformation of reality is profound and permanent.”

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Location: Schaesbergerweg 58, 6415 AJ Heerlen

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