The Future Is Mine

The future is mine

With more than 350 activities, the former mining area re-evaluates the past and looks forward. Various initiatives - from large to small - pass in review in the showcase of SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. Admire images and impressions of the Year of the Mines 2015 (M2015); made possible by Berden. 


SCHUNCK Glaspaleis

Year of the Mines in the showcase of SCHUNCK

The former mining area of the Netherlands is organising a theme year in 2015 about its origins, with a broad programme of activities and long-term programmes for residents and visitors. It will be fifty years since the then minister Den Uyl announced the end of coal mining. In 2015, the balance will be drawn up. What effect do the mining years themselves and the years after the closure have on life today? And how does the mining heritage help to answer today's questions?

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Vitrine M2015 THE FUTURE IS MINE_SCHUNCK_Jaar van de Mijnen_foto's Fabian de Kloe -4534.jpg