220 Volt En 6400 Nagi Bij Schunck

220 VOLT x 6400 NAGI x SCHUNCK

Gina en Gianni in actie bij Party of Life

Inspired by the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, Heerlen-based designers 220 VOLT (Gina Lempers) and 6400 NAGI (Gianni van Kempen) have created two T-shirts exclusively for SCHUNCK. These will be presented at the Party of Life being held at SCHUNCK on 20 May.

Gina and Gianni are young, local talents. The two designers-cum-creators do everything themselves, believing it important to have full control of what they create. For this particular challenge, they painstakingly set to work on a design after being inspired by Keith Haring.

For one of the designs, they drew inspiration from the heart, a much used symbol in Haring’s work. In an age in which war and despair appear to be coming ever closer, the designers wanted to focus on the heart as a symbol of love and peace.

The other design was inspired by the long journey that Haring and his work have taken to end up where they are in Heerlen. The result of this special collaboration between SCHUNCK and the two designers will be presented at the Party of Life on 20 May. The designers will also be producing a one-off silk-screen print especially for the occasion. As from 20 May, the shirts will be on sale in the SCHUNCK museum shop.