Jan Rothuizen Souvenir SCHUNCK museum.jpg

A work of art as a souvenir for Heerlen residents

Artist Jan Rothuizen leaves artwork as souvenir for Heerlen residents.  

Lantern for adoption

Interested parties can adopt one of the lanterns from Jan Rothuizen's artwork for a symbolic amount. The artwork, an installation entitled Souvenir, will be on display in the showcase of the SCHUNCK Glaspaleis until 30 November. Afterwards, the lanterns with memories, texts and quotes about Heerlen will go back into the wide world as a gift 'souvenir' to the people the work was inspired by. Those who are quick can apply via SCHUNCK's website (www.schunck.nl) for the last available copies.

Interested parties pay a fee of € 25,-, € 35,- or € 45,- for a lantern of their choice and thus become part of the special art project. There is one further condition: SCHUNCK would like to receive a photo of the lantern in its new location as a return favour to the artist.

About Jan Rothuizen

Visual artist Jan Rothuizen (1968) has previously exhibited at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, in Cairo and at the New Museum the MoMA in New York. He is best known for Soft Atlas, a collection of drawn maps in which he not only draws and describes what is there, but also what he thinks, feels and suspects. The stories he tells about places in his work can be read like maps, without a definite beginning or end. His drawings appear monthly in De Volkskrant and in book form. Recently, a drawing by Rothuizen about Heerlen appeared in De Volkskrant. In 2011, he made a drawing in Hoensbroek. Both drawings are on display in SCHUNCK's store window.