All of Heerlen joins Basquiat

Cultural institution SCHUNCK in Heerlen manages to attract a large number of cultural funds and companies as sponsorship partners with the exhibition 'Basquiat - the Artist and his New York scene'. No less than half of the total costs required, out of a programme budget of over nine tons, are borne by third parties.

Major financial support sponsors, museums, funds and business for exhibition at SCHUNCK Heel Heerlen joins Basquiat

Every two to three years, SCHUNCK organises a so-called blockbuster exhibition. The previous one, in 2016, was one about the famous architect Mies van der Rohe. Kor Bonnema director/director of SCHUNCK: "For a blockbuster exhibition, we choose an artist who appeals to a large audience. We did expect Basquiat to catch on well, but the enthusiasm from the Heerlen business community and the support from the funds and museums that help us with loans is overwhelming."


From the business community, Rabobank and Wiertz Company are participating as the biggest sponsors. Rabobank (Parkstad Limburg and Heuvelland), which supports the cultural sector as well as sports, already supported the exhibition but is sponsoring two additional subprojects (Buurtbattle and 100% Basquiat) for young people from Heerlen. In the 'Buurtbattle', 150 young (aspiring) breakdancers from four Heerlen neighbourhoods will be prepared for a performance on the Pancratiusplein at the end of the exhibition on 2 June. '100% Basquiat' is a partnership with 100% Heerlen. Six young people with a distance to the labour market are working on a clothing line inspired by Basquiat's art. The final result can be seen during the exhibition at SCHUNCK.


The Province of Limburg and the Municipality of Heerlen are important local subsidisers. From the national cultural funds, SCHUNCK can count on generous contributions from the Mondriaan Fund, VSB Fund, Fund 21 and Prins Bernard Culture Fund, among others. The Mondriaan Fund is enthusiastic about the ambitious choice and the many collaborations SCHUNCK enters into, such as with the Denver Museum of Modern Art as well as museums in the Euregion. For instance, the well-known work 'Ishtar' is on loan by the Aachen Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst, 'Beast' by la Caixa foundation in Barcelona and 'Kings of Egypt II and III' by museum Boijmans van Beuningen in Rotterdam.


Other sponsors and partners include Brasserie Mijn Streek, Orgfit, Vaessen jeweller, Intergarde, Rühl Haegens Molenaar, Asito Limburg Zuid and Spie Nederland. In addition, actions will be set up with small and large companies around the appealing graffiti writer Basquiat. Those who come to the museum, for instance, have a chance to go to a performance the same day at Parkstad Limburg Theatres for ten euros. At the Nieuwe Nor, Basquiat-themed café nights are organised. Shops and restaurants in the centre of Heerlen show their enthusiasm and commitment by promoting the exhibition via social media, distributing flyers and putting up posters. And in pubs, special Basquiat beer is served.

On 31 January, the exhibition will be opened by Her Majesty Queen Máxima. The presentation will be open to the public from 2 February 11am. Tickets are already on sale online at schunck.nl.

More info: schunck.nl/basquiat.


The SCHUNCK Glaspaleis on the Bongerd in Heerlen is a cultural institution with a museum for modern and contemporary art, an architecture institute, a library and a music and dance school. SCHUNCK also has several branches in the districts of Heerlen.