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Art piece of the month: Berend Vonk

Every month curator Virginia Hameleers chooses a piece of art from the SCHUNCK collection that inspires her, fascinates her or occupies her in another way. Art that is too beautiful not to share. In November, the art is by Berend Vonk.

Due to the renovation of the Art Depot and Atrium, the Aad de Haas gallery has been closed for some time. As of 30 November, however, it is open to the public again. So a good time to choose art that is currently on display there as art piece of the month. Extraordinarily enough, it is not art by Aad de Haas himself, but a comic strip made especially for the Aad de Haas gallery by cartoonist and illustrator Berend Vonk.

The life of Aad

We asked Berend to draw the eventful life of Aad, with various highs and lows. In a striking, funny and endearing way, in 22 drawings Berend takes you along the birth of Aad, his meeting with his future wife Nel at the Academy, his capture and flight to Limburg during World War II. Plus his very first commission in Limburg in the church of Wahlwiller.
The exhibition features paintings from the four stylistic periods Aad went through in his work, complemented by photographs of murals. In addition, the documentary Letters to Heaven by his granddaughter, Zorba Huisman (director and documentary filmmaker) takes you 'behind the scenes' of the life of the artist and his family.

Aad De Haas Striptekening Schunck

Berend Vonk, striptekening over Aad de Haas