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Bertien van Manen, Chaim van Luit, Fiona Lutjenhuis, Marie Frioni and final-year exhibition at SCHUNCK

Bertien van Manen, At the mines, Apanas, Siberia, 1994

Starting this spring, five new exhibitions are on show at SCHUNCK Glaspaleis. In the museum gallery, internationally acclaimed photographer Bertien van Manen presents her work, in the staircase murals by Fiona Lutjenhuis can be admired and in the store window Chaim van Luit shows his installation 'Grondstof'.  

In addition, Dreaming Out Loud with Marie Frioni on the +1 opens on 31 March and Sintermeertencollege exhibits their final-year work in SCHUNCK's Aad de Haas gallery from 7 April.

Bertien van Manen

Until 3 September, the exhibition 'Gluckauf' by photographer Bertien van Manen (1942, The Hague), who grew up in Heerlen, is on display in the museum gallery. Gluckauf shows a selection of photographs from Van Manen's oeuvre, focusing on life in mining communities.

More info:

Bertien van Manen - Gluckauf
Museum gallery SCHUNCK Glaspaleis
18 April to 3 September 2023

Chaim van Luit

Chaim van Luit (1985, Heerlen) presents an installation about mining past and present in and from the store window with his new installation 'Grondstof'. For this, he was inspired by a storage system with clothing hooks and chains that was frequently used during mining.

More info:

Chaim van Luit - Grondstof
Store window SCHUNCK Glaspaleis
16 April to 3 September 2023

Fiona Lutjenhuis

For her presentation 'Sideways Universe' in SCHUNCK, Lutjenhuis is influenced by stories from SCHUNCK's library, among other things. After all, these come naturally to you through the staircase. Lutjenhuis' resulting story spreads like a mural.

More info:

Fiona Lutjenhuis - Sideways Universe
Staircase SCHUNCK Glaspaleis
16 April 2023 to 18 February 2024

Marie Frioni

Marie Frioni (BE) is a former Euregional Architecture Prize winner. In her presentation for this edition of 'Dreaming Out Loud', in addition to her research around the urban development of Eisden Dorp and Maasmechelen, she also shows work by her architecture collective.

More info:

Dreaming Out Loud - Marie Frioni
Floor +1 SCHUNCK Glaspaleis
31 March to 18 June 2023

No Pictures Please

Inspired by the work and life of Bertien van Manen, 29 pupils from Sintermeertencollege started to create their own works. The themes addressed are as diverse as the artworks they created: security, identity, places in transition or immersing yourself in another.

More info:

Final-year exhibition Sintermeertencollege - No Pictures Please
Aad de Haas gallery SCHUNCK Glaspaleis
7 April to 7 May 2023