Curator for a day launched

On 1 November, the new season of Curator for a day at SCHUNCK kicked off. After previous successful editions with Parc Imstenrade (2020) and last year Vrie-Art, it is now the turn of 'PAND.  

'PAND is, as they themselves describe it, "a chameleon-like presentation institution seeking alternative functions of space within the urban fabric." In doing so, 'PAND offers young talent in the liberal arts a stage and responds to a vacant but promising inner city of Heerlen. Based on the view that there is too little stimulation in the form of a stage, 'PAND organises events designed to inspire a young generation to bring out the best in themselves. A local creative club, in other words, some of which may now dive into the SCHUNCK collection.

Because at Curator for a day, a group of people from the region are invited to set up their own exhibition with works from the SCHUNCK collection. This way, they get more insight into the process of curating and selecting - and everything that comes with it - and get to know the works from the collection better. From 'PAND, seven participants participate in this edition.

The first two meetings have already taken place in which they got to know each other and the works from SCHUNCK. They also went through the planning and looked at what needs to be done leading up to their exhibition in early 2023. During the next meetings, a shortlist will be made of the longlist, a gallery booklet will be prepared, audience guidance, layout, opening, and so on.

The collection contains over a thousand works, and the participants in this edition seem to want to research everything, culture buffs as they are. This is done through online resources, books, videos and, of course, explanations and explanations from the curators. 'PAND is already known for their inquisitive slant and surprising questions. The participants are relatively young, mostly artists themselves or otherwise creatively engaged. It already promises to be a surprising exhibition.