Festive opening Driver's Seat X Aad de Haas

4 May 2022

Saturday 30 April saw the festive opening of the exhibition We Don't Live Forever Anyway | Driver's Seat x Aad de Haas x SCHUNCK collection.  

After a few postponements (because: corona), the time had finally come: the Driver's Seat members were allowed to open their own exhibition to the public. The joy was there to be had. With an appropriate candy bar and fine DJ, groups of invited guests were guided through the Aad de Haas hall in different shifts. After all, the hall is small and interest is high.

For this exhibition, the ten members of SCHUNCK's youth delegation each selected two works from the SCHUNCK collection: one by Aad de Haas and one by another collection artist. They made special combinations of collection works that can be linked to their own lives and thoughts. The choices are very personal and, in doing so, the youngsters share with visitors what they see and experience. Their personal explanations can be read in the visitors' booklet, which they also produced themselves.

The exhibition can be seen until 19 June (free of charge) in the Aad de Haas hall, from Friday to Sunday (12:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.).