Opening Parkstad Limburg Prijs (plp) 2022 (1)

Festive presentation of the Parkstad Limburg Award and opening of the exhibition

Sunday 30 October saw the festive opening of the Parkstad Limburg Prize exhibition. After questioning the nominees, the winner was finally announced.  

A well-filled Glaspaleis and a cosy, warm atmosphere: it was a colourful event with a creative edge last Sunday. Friends, family and other art lovers all turned up to open the Parkstad Limburg exhibition, and of course to find out who won the grand prize. After the opening speech by artistic director Fabian de Kloe and chairman of the Stichting Promotie Limburgse Kunstenaars Miriam Jongen, it was artist David Bade's time. He questioned the nominees for three minutes each (okay, sometimes longer), from his self-created 'dentist's chair'.

Mike Moonen wordt aan de tand gevoeld.jpeg

This led to artful conversations and much hilarity. After the nominees, it was alderman Jordy Clemens' turn. He too had to take the chair, before revealing, together with the other hosts, who had won the prize. The honour fell to Morena Bamberger, who found it hard to hide her disbelief.

The work of the young talents can still be admired at various locations within the Glaspaleis until 15 January. Be sure to come and see it.