Final phase construction of Atrium and Art Depot started

14 Sep 2023

The letters were placed on the roof of the new Atrium in mid-September. The motto 'Les extrêmes se touchent' is a tribute to Nic. Tummers and Vera van Hasselt.  

'Les extrêmes se touchent' can now be read on the patio canopy. Freely translated, it means 'the extremes find each other'. The text is a tribute to Nic. Tummers (Heerlen, 1928-2020), honorary citizen of the city of Heerlen. In the early 1950s, Nic. married Vera van Hasselt. The couple were not inferior to each other on an artistic level. Now, in 2023, the couple will be honoured with the motto on the extension of the Glaspaleis. With this statement, father Van Hasselt typified Nic. and Vera's relationship.

Placing the letters on the glass canopy, on the side of St Pancratius Church, marks the final phase of the renovation. The Art Depot and Atrium will be officially opened this autumn. More information and details about the opening will follow soon.