SCHUNCK Directeur bestuurder, Kor Bonnema (3)

Five questions about the Art Depot - Kor Bonnema

This autumn, the new Art Depot and Atrium will open at SCHUNCK. In this series, we ask employees and parties involved for their contribution and vision on this enrichment of the Glaspaleis. We ask Kor Bonnema, director of SCHUNCK.

What inspired SCHUNCK to do this project?

There were a number of reasons, but the main one is that of the beautiful art collection we have, a lot of pieces have been hidden in dark basements for years. We would like to make this art collection visible to the public for free. This is also a wish of the city council, which we are now complying with. In addition, we had a depot problem: we have too many works for the storage space we have. Many works were already stored in containers, but that is obviously not the place for them. This has now been solved by using the art depot in the form of a static archive on the one hand, and by commissioning a new depot at the Kissel in Heerlen on the other. A third reason for this project was the patio: an open basin into which a lot of rubbish ended up, and which was also dangerous. From the balustrade at street level, there was a seven-metre-deep hole. You don't want to think about what would happen if someone fell in there. That was an eyesore for us. By including it in the museum now, you have a beautiful open, transparent space. This Atrium provides an extra exhibition space, it is suitable for all kinds of events and the problematic patio has also been solved immediately.

Can you tell something about the run-up to it?

It took a really long time, we have been working on it for about five years at least. It's a very complicated project. Especially because the entire supply and return air of the entire complex was situated in the patio. Routing the air purification ducts in the building entailed the necessary work. In addition, you are working with a listed building, and an architect who wants to maintain the quality of the building. So that design took quite a long time. Finally, there was the problem of financing, for which we looked in many nooks and crannies. We finally succeeded, with a contribution from the VriendenLoterij, the Dioraphte Foundation and the Rosas Donamus Foundation. In the end, the municipality agreed to give us a loan. We will pay that back in thirty years.

How will the presentations take shape?

Several people will be invited to put together a presentation. They will be allowed to make special choices from the collection, which will then be placed on the first panels. So that every time people come in here, they get to see something new. I personally would like to see Emile Roemer make a choice, or Gunay Uslu, the State Secretary for Culture and Media. I think that would be nice.

Are there certain works you look forward to seeing 'back' again? Or will you sometimes put together a presentation yourself?

Oh that could just happen, that I will make a selection myself one day. We have some great works, by Marlene Dumas for example. That's very exclusive. But the entire Aad de Haas collection is also very special. I can imagine that we could fill the entire Art Depot with this collection alone. Whether it's our contemporary art, modern art or the Aad de Haas collection, it's all worthwhile.

What are you most looking forward to?

To see that the idea we had has actually turned into reality. And that it catches on in our municipality. I hope that the appeal of the museum is enhanced, and we become more visible in the city. When you walk by, you look right in, you can't miss it. It will also be beautifully lit at night, partly because of the special tree in the Atrium: you can't miss it. In addition, the Atrium will be a beautiful space that can be used for many purposes, such as meetings and parties, but also meetings and presentations. So also for businesses. It will be very special. On one side you look into the museum, and on the other side you see the Art Depot. The meeting room will soon be an extension of the Atrium. From that room, you feel like royalty. Who wouldn't want to sit there for a day?

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SCHUNCK Directeur bestuurder, Kor Bonnema (3)