House of Emotions at Cultura Nova festively opened

27 Aug 2023

On Sunday afternoon 27 August, the House of Emotions, the collaborative project of Mondriaan, festival Cultura Nova, artist David Bade and SCHUNCK Museum, was festively opened. 

While enjoying sunshine and a glass of bubbly, the mini-pavilion was appropriately opened on the first Sunday of Cultura Nova. Mondriaan mental health care, David Bade, SCHUNCK and Cultura Nova introduced the project and many friends, art lovers and family members came to see the works in the house.

The House of Emotions showcases works by Mondriaan clients and staff, but visitors may also get involved and add to the collection themselves. The House of Emotions was born from the idea of bridging the gap between art and mental health care. Initially, the plan was to create four spaces, based on the four basic emotions used in psychiatry, but, says David Bade, "it soon turned out that the participants did not like having to label their emotions in this way during the creative process. So we abandoned that idea again."

The result is now a two-storey house with art of all shapes and sizes, in which emotion predominates. The house can still be admired until 3 September. For a photo report, check out the slideshow above.