In2 Your Place+keith Haring Schunck

In2YourPlace X SCHUNCK

In2YourPlace (Heerlen) and SCHUNCK will be joining forces during the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural programme of events. It was Keith Haring’s murals, created in a New York youth centre in 1983, that gave rise to this collaboration.  

In2YourPlace forms part of 'OUTPOET', a popular culture-oriented youth centre, which describes itself as: “A welcoming place where young people between the ages of 16 and 27 can meet, with interesting discussion groups, a varied range of activities and a walk-in session open to all-comers”.

Last week marked the kick-off to a seven-week project in which youngsters will be working in groups of up to 10 participants each. Each meeting up has a different theme and objective. They share experiences and take up the mutual challenge of visiting cultural centres, for example. The ultimate goal is to produce a mural at In2YourPlace, made by participants in the style of Keith Haring.

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