Keith en ik / Bernardinuscollege - Final-year exhibition

The exhibition Keith en ik (‘Keith and I’) is on display in the Aad de Haas gallery in Heerlen’s Glaspaleis from 13 March.  

Inspired by the work of Keith Haring and the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, 28 final-year high-school students set themselves the task of designing their own creations. The themes on which they are based are as diverse as the works of art they have created; imagery, identity, New York’s underground scene and the crossover culture. The students’ creative process has resulted in 28 highly individual works of art, from paintings to 3D objects and videos.

The students’ works are on display in the Aad de Haas gallery in the SCHUNCK Glaspaleis from 13 March to 10 April 2022.