Keith Haring casts his spell on Heerlen

11 Apr 2022

Since the opening of the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, an increasing number of initiatives have been drawing inspiration from the presence of Haring’s artwork in the city. Observant viewers will have been discovering Heerlen’s street art scene, influenced to a greater or lesser extent by Keith Haring.  

Heerlen Mijn Stad, a platform responsible for promoting the city, asked two local young artists - Timo Aspers and Dazetwo - to create Keith Haring-inspired artwork and to put this on display throughout the city. Both Timo and Dazetwo create so-called ‘stencil art’ and they use this form of street art to produce this work.

Their stencils combine Haring’s iconic forms with figures from Heerlen’s own scene, including Timo’s dinosaurs and Dazetwo’s ravens. The stencils haven’t just been randomly located, but together form part of a route which ultimately leads to SCHUNCK. Timo’s first stencil can be found when you leave the Maankwartier and watchful observers will chance upon others in Saroleastraat and De Bongerd. In De Bongerd, there’s no getting away from Dazetwo’s work.