Murals Keith Haring Gearriveerd Bij Schunck

Keith Haring murals arrived at SCHUNCK

On 14 February, they arrived at last: the thirteen panels that make up the Grace House Mural. They had been flown over from Denver, where the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver exhibited the mural in 2021. This is the first time that the paintings can be seen in Europe.  

With each artwork weighing in at 600 kilos, it was no mean feat getting the large sections of wall from Grace House, New York flown over and installed.

Keith Haring created his mural - spread over three storeys - in 1983/84 in Grace House, a Catholic youth centre. In the 1980s, Haring painted more than 40 public murals all over the world. He made many of them for charities, hospitals, nurseries, and orphanages. The Grace House Mural is a striking example. The work was about 26 metres long and covered the walls along the three-storey stairwell. In 2016, the youth shelter was closed and, before the building was sold, the mural was removed. It can be seen at SCHUNCK in thirteen panels, two original doors and an original radiator.

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Keith Haring Murals Gearriveerd Bij Schunck