Keith Haring Tshirts Schunck

Keith Haring X local designers

Inspired by the Keith Haring: Grace House Mural exhibition, Heerlen-based designers 220 VOLT (Gina Lempers) and 6400 NAGI (Gianni van Kempen) have created two T-shirts especially for SCHUNCK.  

For one design, Gina and Gianni drew inspiration from the heart, a much used symbol in Haring’s work. In an age in which war and despair appear to be ever nearer, the designers wanted to focus on the heart as a symbol of love and peace.

Keith Haring t-shirt SCHUNCK

The other design was inspired by the journey that Haring and his work has taken to finally end up in Heerlen.

Keith Haring t-shirt 2 SCHUNCK

On sale in the SCHUNCK museum shop, in a limited edition.

First come, first served.
Price: 20 euros