Liza Wolters winner audience award Parkstad Limburg Prize 2022

On Sunday 15 January - the last day of the Parkstad Limburg Prize 2022 exhibition - the board of Stichting Promotie Limburgse Kunstenaars i.c.w. SCHUNCK announced and presented the winner of the Parkstad Limburg Prize 2022 Audience Award.  

Exhibition visitors had the opportunity to vote for their own favourite artist throughout the exhibition period. Of the many votes cast, Liza Wolters emerged as the public favourite par excellence. The lucky voter who will thus be presented with a work of art by Liza Wolters by the organisations is Sarah Rose Guitian Nederlof.

Liza Wolters

The work of Liza Wolters (1992, Landgraaf) is distinguished by its depiction of subtle, accidental scenes in everyday life. In doing so, she seems to work at the cutting edge to make the viewer see and feel the almost intangible. With a keen eye and a meditative focus on a subtle language of form and movement, Liza captures her observations in photografie, installations and, more recently, on video. The careful framing opens up a world of forms far beyond the predictability and sometimes apparent dullness of everyday life.

"When I was nine, I started photographing with a borrowed analogue camera, which I carried with me constantly. I mainly photographed people; this was one of the first ways I sought connection in a place where I lacked it. That search is still a theme within my work."

The experience of Liza's work is layered. As captivating and focused as the captured impressions, are the different materials on which Liza prints work, such as fabric, paper, plastic and glass. And the way she enters into dialogue with space in the form of hushed and subtle installations that take the viewer on a meditative quest. The jury is taken by Liza's work and feels the potential and urgency of stillness and attention to the world that is permanently right around us. Wonder and contemplation - Liza knows how to make us see and feel - happens right under your nose. Like a pearl diver, she brings this to the surface in her work.

Parkstad Limburg Prize

The Parkstad Limburg Prize has been the award for young visual artists from Belgian and Dutch Limburg for 35 years. With prize money of € 10,000 it is one of the largest art prizes in the Netherlands. Launched in 1996, this art prize aims to build a bridge between young artists, the business community, the government and the public. Stichting Promotie Limburgse Kunstenaars - the initiator - aims to help talented young Limburg artists in their development. The prize is intended for visual artists up to 35 years old who are or have been active in Dutch or Belgian Limburg and have successfully completed an art education.

The Parkstad Limburg Prize 2022 is co-sponsored by:

Bremen Bouwadviseurs, Coumans Advies, Daelmans Vastgoed, Miny & Jac Defauwes, DSM, Municipality of Heerlen, Gilles van de Wouw Praktijk voor bestuursrecht, Hendriks & Fleuren Zuyd Notarissen, Hydraflex, Janneke Schmeitz Cultural Marketing Projects, JCI Land van Herle, Karin Theunissen bureau for text and concept, Kublo Vastgoed, L'Ortye BV, van de Laar Makelaars, Mondriaan Fonds, OC Atelier T(h)reee, Ondernemersfonds Heerlen, Provincie Limburg, Query Design, Rabobank, SCHUNCK, Anne & Henk Smeijsters, Stadsregio Parkstad Limburg, Stienstra, Tandarts Genders, Thuis & Partners, Visit Kanne, VOC, Zuyderland.

The Parkstad Limburg Prize is co-organised by SCHUNCK.