Hallo Angst David Bade X Mondriaan

Mondrian ggz immortalised in art by David Bade 'Hello fear'

Mondriaan looks back on an extraordinary Week of Psychiatry 2022. Connection, openness, warmth, creativity and guts were at the centre.  

During Psychiatry Week, activities are taking place across the country to help create openness about mental illness. As the secretary of Mondriaan's client council said this week, "People, just act normal about mental illness! Nobody ís his or her disorder." And so it is; anyone can come into contact with psychiatry. Let's normalise that science.

David Bade x Mondriaan bij SCHUNCK

David Bade connected Mondriaan on canvas

Artist David Bade, affiliated with SCHUNCK, held studio in the restaurant at the main location in Heerlen. On site, he worked on his project 'David Bade draws Heerlen!'. He was inspired by the people who make Mondriaan; patients, volunteers, staff and others involved. His presence and seeing a great work of art being created was very valuable. For the next period, the work will remain exhibited on loan at Mondriaan. David Bade: "The 'Hello fear', because that's the name of the work, is as inviting as Mondriaan. We are all afraid, but with Mondriaan you learn that there is no need to be afraid." 

Festive closure and unveiling artwork

At the end of the afternoon, Kor Bonnema (SCHUNCK director), Jean-Paul Essers (Mondriaan board chairman) together with artist David Bade unveiled the artwork. Jean-Paul Essers: "This was a great ending to psychiatry week. It is incredibly clever how David was able to portray the context of psychiatry in his artwork with a lot of feeling for our patients and staff."