Parkstad Limburg Prijs (PLP) 2022

Morena Bamberger wins Parkstad Limburg Prize 2022

Parkstad Limburg Prijs (PLP) 2022

On Sunday 30 October, the Parkstad Limburg Prize was awarded to talented Limburg artist Morena Bamberger (1994, Roermond).  

The Parkstad Limburg Prize has been awarded every four years since 1996. For years, it has been the biggest prize for visual artists - in all genres within the visual arts - of the southern Netherlands and the Euregion. The winner is selected by a qualified and professional jury and this edition consisted of: Fabian de Kloe - Artistic Director, SCHUNCK, Lene Ter Haar - Kulturreferentin, Dutch Consulate General Düsseldorf, Les Deux Garcons, Michel Vanderheijden van Tinteren and Roel Moonen - artist duo, Annemie Van Laethem - Curator Forum Triangulare, Kasteel Oud-Rekem and Mathieu Bruls - architect.

About Morena Bamberger

Morena's work focuses on nature, spirituality, proximity, and even astral travel through different dimensions. Establishing an energetic connection with nature, the environment and fellow human beings is a red line in the visual installations she creates. The line between artistry and her work as a healer and coach is diffuse. Often as part of performances, in which she dresses up as part of an installation or is filmed on location, Morena creates magical worlds for people to find deep connection.

Plastic sails and glittery fabrics

A self-proclaimed alpha wolf, she runs ahead to guide people and animals into a world where reality and dream intertwine. Morena creates this ethereal world with simple materials such as plastic sails and glitter fabrics that she paints in pastel colours.

The desire to create harmonious connections between humans, animals and landscape is partly explained by her Sinti background. Morena's work aimed at spiritual connection makes a deep impression and works under the skin. In this respect, the jury is taken by the way the work - from a personal journey - invites spiritual transformation and, in the process, places contact with the other at its centre. In this interactive quest and spiritual healing with and for fellow human beings, Morena does not allow herself to be constrained by dogmas and prejudices.

Parkstad Limburg Prijs (PLP) 2022

Parkstad Limburg Prijs (PLP) 2022


The work of the winner and the seven nominees Floor Martens, Liza Wolters, Mickey Yang, Mike Moonen, Quinn Zeljak, Vera Gulikers and William Ludwig Lutgens can be seen at SCHUNCK from Sunday 30 October to 15 January 2023. Also in this edition of the Parkstad Limburg Prize, visitors will have the opportunity to nominate their favourite artist for the Public Prize 2022 and have a chance to win a work of art themselves.